My Very Vera Birthday

For my birthday, I was lucky enough to get a $75 gift card to Vera Bradley from my mother in law. It was awesome because I’m deep in love with Vera. (My favorite print is Happy Snails. I think it’s a 2011 or 2012 print, but I love everything about it!)

I had to scrapbook it because it was kind of amazing. We drove up to the Vera Bradley Outlet so I could get the most of my money, and the whole store was 30% off. Awesome, right? Yeah, well then my VB birthday coupon got me an additional 20% off everything I bought. I was ecstatic, and took a photo of my purchases to post on Facebook so that my mother in law could see how I made out like a bandit.

Yup, being that excited is totally scrapbook worthy.

I don’t do a lot of one photo layouts (and if I do, the photo is always printed bigger than 4×6) so it was an interesting challenge.

The Vera Bradley folder was the gift car holder and the blue flowered mat behind the photo is the back of a Vera advertisement. I got it in May and held onto it. I was glad I did because it worked perfectly here. (At least my hoarder tendencies are good or something sometimes!)

Sorry about the glare – still learning how to photograph for the blog :).



Paper by Me & My Big Ideas, lime green paper by WasauPapers, letter stickers by Miss Elizabeth’s, postcard is from Office Max (by Great Papers) and that doily in the background is from the ‘party’ section at the grocery store (the rest were actually used for a party, don’t ask.)