L’s 8th Grade Graduation

I always struggle with page kits that only cover one or two pages. I think it’s because you’re give so many elements and frames and to use them all in one place can look totally awkward. Not to mention, that I have yet to use a page kit without the page looking totally cheesy. I keep trying to use them though; hopefully in the future I can find a way to make them look classy.

This page kit was from the dollar section at Target, which probably explained why the paper felt super thin and kind of cheap. But, to be honest, for a dollar I don’t care. That’s my favorite price :-D. And, hey, the colors are super cute!

This set included two 12×12 papers, and I used one for the background and one for matting. There were also a bunch of punch out frames and stickers and I used a few of those.

Rather than cut out letters for a title, I decided to use my Cricut markers to write out the title. I laid it out using SCAL software, and then created a shape around it to be cut out. I wish I would’ve used a darker marker, but since I didn’t, I added some polka dots to make the letter stand out more.

And hey, the world can always use more polka dots ;-).

Page kit from Target dollar section, ink done with and orange Sharpie pen, letters & mat done with Cricut, Cricut markers, and SCAL.20130826-205157.jpg