Pizza Night

You know, the more I use collage prints, the more I like them. They just add a little something different. Instead of creating a collage with a pile of 4×6 photos, I like having them all ready fit to an 8×10 page.

Again, this collage print was done by Walgreens. The quality is great, and I love the crispness of the photos. I usually print with Shutterfly because of the crazy amount of coupon codes they send out, but I’ve been getting more and more tempted to try getting prints done at Walgreens. The images really look great in person, and they were all iPhone pics.

Did a little layering here. I don’t always mat collage prints because they have a nice border, but I think it looks nice. This mat is only slightly bigger than the print, but I like the color it brings in.

That background paper is unbelievable. I bought it at the CK Scrapbooking convention with about five other papers for a dollar. I’ve been waiting for a fun photo to use on it because I love the pattern so much and didn’t want to waste it.

And then put some ribbon on it. Cause why not? 😀

I felt especially daring and did something I never do. Following the style of Elise Blaha, I wrote right on top of a few of the photos! I know, I live life on the edge.

Paper by Adornit, mat paper by Paper Pizazz, title made with SCAL and my Cricut, tag from Target dollar bin, glitter paper strip by DCWV, and stickers by Adornit. Collage print from Walgreens.







Bitstrips Page

Sooooo, every once and a while you have to try scrapbook ing something different, right?

And, really, I don’t think there’s any rules you have to follow in scrapping anyway.

If you haven’t heard of Bitstrips, they’re these little funny comics generated by an app that include avatars of you and your friends. Naturally, the comics can be shared on Facebook once created (I’m sure they’ve been clogging up everyone’s news feeds).

Some of them are kind of dumb, but a few of them have been absolutely hilarious (especially one from my sister). I really thought these comics would be funny to remember so I did what any crafty lady would do: scrapbook them!

It’s a goofy page, but I kind of love it.

Papers by S.E.I, tag by Recollections, letter stickers by Colorbok, and images generated by Bitstrips of course.




Disney Wedding Shower

My future sister in law had a wonderful wedding shower earlier this summer. It was a really good time and I really enjoyed. I had to travel a bit for the shower, and I somehow managed to forget my camera. It worked out though, because my iPhone really saved the day and I took quite a few photos with it. I even took a risk and ordered an 8×10″ print and I think the quality is fine. I mean, it’s not as good as my camera, but it turned out way better than expected.

The shower had a loose Disney theme, so it was really easy for me to choose background paper. I went to the Disney part of my stash (left over from the behemoth known as my Disney Book that I finished in July). I picked the comic background paper because I loved the subtle print and it was the only paper I had four sheets of. Easy choice there ;).

The title letters worked out great because I only have random letters of them left. Lucky for me, I had enough to make “shower”. I wanted that title to stand out, so I made the rest of the title letters small and black. I think it worked.

The pages are also covered in Disney themed paper “confetti”. I cut all the confetti out with SCAL and my Cricut, and we used it to decorate all the shower tables. It only seemed right to steal some back at the end for my scrapbook.

Paper by Creating Keepsakes. Rub on letters from Freecycle. Mickey letters & Disney stickers were all a gift. Paper confetti designed by me and created with SCAL and my Cricut, cut from Recollections Cardstock. Mat paper from DCWV’S mat stack. Washi tape is Target Brand.20130922-212906.jpg20130922-212913.jpg20130922-212947.jpg




Creating Centerpieces

My brother in law is getting married to the best girl ever. I am super fond of the bride to be, so when my mother in law asked me to help with the centerpieces for their wedding shower, I was alllllll over it!!

I wasn’t planning to scrapbook the “making of” photos, but I really liked them and thought it would be nice to remember because I had so much fun creating them. The reason I have the photos is so I could text them to my MIL so she could she the progress. I’m so happy I kept them and decided to print them out.

I was given the Disney paper from someone, and I think it’s super old as I’ve never seen it before, but I love it. I love that it matches the Disney theme without the ‘traditional’ Disney colors of red, yellow, and black. Those colors are fine but they would not have matched my centerpieces at all :-D.

I really am so happy I made this page!

As per usual, I created the title with SCAL and my Cricut. It was hard to read because of the busy paper,so I traced around the insides of the letters with a Sharpie pen.

Paper by Paper Pizazz, Disney ears & character stickers were a gift, tag by K&COMPANY, mat paper from DCWV’S brights mat stack.




Newspaper Page

This was a different kind of scrapbook page for me.

I had a newspaper article that I wanted to save; but seeing as it was from a town a ways away from ours and we don’t actually receive the paper, I only had the digital version.

The newspaper website had a place where you could view the printable version (without all the ads and sidebar banners), but it would still print out as three pages.

I made it my goal to fit everything on one 8.5×11″ page (with exception of the title). I copied and pasted all the text, as well as the image, into InDesign. I played with the number of columns and font size until I made everything fit (with a .325″ border that I eventually cut off so I could mat the page).

Originally I wanted the title and everything else to fit on the one page, but after I realized that was impossible, I just decided to go big or go home and I made the newspaper title the same size as the article.

I chose paper that looks like magazine cuts outs because it was the most newspapery thing I had, and I wanted some color because everything else is black and white.

I didn’t worry about journaling this time because there was no room for it 😉 and because I had nothing personal to say about the article, I just wanted to save it.


Background paper by K&Company (‘Danny O Magazine Words Flat Paper.’)

Abby’s Christening

After being invited to a friend’s baby’s Christening, I left thee invitation on our fridge for a few weeks. It was super cute so I was okay with that. When I did finally take it down, you know it didn’t go in the trash. Like any good scrapbooker, it sat in my 2013-to-scrap pile until I finally got around to putting it in the 2013 book.

I went with a soft pink paper to match the invitation perfectly, and then found a Lori Whitlock sticker that matched the colors just as much as the paper did. I inked the edges of the mats with pink ink because I wanted to fit as much pink as possible on to this page.

I switched to purple paper to make the title pop, but still backed it with pink paper.

I thought the page needed a little something extra, so I added some pastel translucent heart stickers all over the page.

Tag by K&COMPANY, mat paper is Wasau Textured Cardstock, stickers by Stickapotamus, background pink Cardstock was a gift, title made with SCAL and my Cricut, purple paper by Mambi. Long flower sticker by Lori Whitlock for Echo Park.






Archer Live

Back in April, Tab and I attended Archer Live! in the city. If you’re a fan of the animated show, go see the Live version with the cast doing readings and trivia. It was awesome, and just about the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

Since we couldn’t take photos during the show, I only had one of the stage. It’s a a bit blurry, but I still wanted to include it. I took two photos outside the theater, one after work and one right before the show. That worked out because in one the lights are turned on, and in the other they’re not so there’s a little bit of contrast.

I chose the background paper from the Rockstar stack because it looked like it matched the lights of the theater a bit.

Even though the ticket stub was one of those plain inkjet paper print-at-home ones, I still included it. I miss the good old days with real ticket stubs ;-).

If I could have, I would’ve done the whole title in those sparkly letters, but I didn’t have enough stickers so I jut used them for the last half. The letter stickers for ‘Archer’ were actually from the Target dollar bin, and surprisingly good quality.

I did all my journaling on the computer, because I knew I had a lot to say and handwriting would’ve take up too much space. The journaling card was a free download by Just Jamiee, but I changed the size of it myself.

Lastly, I printed off a tiny Archer meme to add in because I couldn’t help myself ;-). I actually thought the paw was done before that, but then I thought it would be hilarious to add that it.


Oh man, I love that show.

Sorry about the blurring, I don’t know anything about ticket stubs, so I wasn’t sure if any of those numbers corresponded with the credit card we used to buy them.

Paper is DCWV’S Rockstar stack, mat paper is Making Memories Autumn Splendor, journaling card free download from here, letter stickers (for “archer”) were from the Target dollar bin, and blue letter stickers are really old but purchased from JoAnn’s.

Archer live in progress.jpg



A Summer Haircut for Pancakes

Obviously, Pancakes the Bichon needs regular haircuts to keep her looking adorable ;-). I always smile when I pick her up from the groomers because she can look so goofy with short hair. During the summer though, I’d rather her look goofy than feel hot so we have the groomer shave her pretty close to keep her cool and to give us the most time between haircuts.

I took one photo of her as soon as we got home, and she blinked, but it really looked like she was smiling (crazy dog person over her, obvs), so I fell in love with the photo. I snapped a few other photos and that became my page.

Without any more dog paper (although, I did buy some this past weekend after I did that page!), I looked for some ‘summer colored’ pages and settled with some I had nabbed from Target’s dollar bin.

I cut the title out, and pasted it on top of some scrap paper strips to make sure it was readable. I traced around them with a thin Sharpie as well.

I had some great journaling stickers in my stash (that I had accidentally forgot about. HA!), and they provided a great spot for journaling and for the date. Using a sticker for the date is different than my normal date stamp, so the change was neat. I have to keep that in mind for the future.

Remarks journaling stickers by American Crafts, two stickers by Me & My Big Ideas, background and mat paper from Target dollar bin. Title made with SCAL and my Cricut. Green strips of paper by Me & My Big Ideas.






Little Bichon, Big World

Obviously I’m obsessed with my dog. Her photo is on the main page of the site, I’m always talking about her, and her pictures pop up in blog posts again and again. (If you want to see more, check my Instagram feed in the side bar, she’s adorable).

So considering my obsession, it should not be a surprise that one day I decided to put Pancakes in my bicycle basket and ride around. I know, I know, it’s a great and an adorable idea.

I originally had no plans to scrap this, but I had the photos and I thought it would be fun to remember. I find that more & more I take photos without a purpose (thank you, iPhone), but it’s nice to have them and then have the option to scrap late if I want.

Naturally, I chose paper with hearts all over it because I love my dog and she’s adorable. Cheesy, but I love it. Since the two photos didn’t take up the whole page, I cut out a big bicycle to fill the space.

Although, I was going to do “Bichon and Bike” for a title, I just decided I was going to stick with the cutesy theme and make it even more cute. What’s cuter than “Little Bichon, Big World”? I know, I’m impossible ;-). Oh how I love my little dog!

Heart paper by American Crafts (Everyday set), and brown and green paper by s.e.i. (Addison set), date stamp from Amazon, journaling transparency from Oriental Trading, sticker by Lori Whitlock for Echo Park. Title created with SCAL and my Cricut.




Little Chair

I get it, I get it, I’m a crazy dog person. But, seriously, look at these photos. They’re so cute! How could I not put them in my scrapbook?

During the summer, my sister and a garage sale and my mom’s friend added a few of her own items. No one bought this child size chair, so it was left at the end of the day. Naturally, Pancakes, the world’s cutest Bichon, took a liking to it so I brought it home with me.

I don’t know why I thought it was so funny, but the iea of a dog in a dog-sized (or child’s size) chair was just hilarious. Pancakes looked so funny sitting like people and being adorable. I was texting photos to pretty much everyone I know. Because, I mean really. Look at the photos, you’ll see what I mean.

Oh and ten points for Recollections, Talk about the cutest dog paper ever! It’s been hard to find animal-themed paper that isn’t just paw prints so I love it!

I thought the title was a little hard to read, so as per usual, I outlined the letters with my thin black Sharpie.

Paper by Recollections, brown paper strip by s.e.i. and mat cardstock paper from Archivers. Blue letter stickers by Making Memories and letter punch outs by BasicGray.