Birthday At Work

I’ve had lots of random birthday scrapbook pages posted recently. I’m just lucky that I got to celebrate so much.

Myself and two other people on my team at work all have birthdays within a week and a half of each other. It’s kind of a funny coincidence. To celebrate, the other members of our team got us an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. I was excited at the time, so I snapped a few photos with my iPhone.

I don’t think that I planned to do anything with the pictures (they were for for texting them to Tab), but when I found them on my iPhoto, I thought it’d be nice to save them somewhere.

I was tired last night when I put this page together, so that might explain why I couldn’t come up with a more clever title. I don’t mind though, ‘Birthday at Work’ is pretty clear so I’ll take it.

I found the balloon and cake stickers in my stash. I didn’t buy them for any photos specifically, but they work great here.

Background paper is from The Stack 5. Again. I will finally make a dent in thy stack if its the last thing I do!

Background paper and pattern mat paper from DCWV’S The Stack 5. Yellow paper is WausauPaper card stock. Stickers by Sandy Lion, and journaling card by K & Company. Title made with SCAL and my Cricut.





Birthday 26

For my 26th birthday, my parents took Tab and I out for BBQ (my favorite), and it was awesome. Because my sister was in between moving houses, she wasn’t able to join us. I didn’t want her to miss out on having cake together, so we decided we’d wait until we were all together for cake.

We ended up getting a birthday cake to share on what was actually father’s day (which my mom clearly got confused about, if you see the cake in the photo). Because it wasn’t really a birthday ‘celebration’ and it was just cake, I only have two pictures. Of course, I couldn’t leave my 26th birthday cake out of my scrapbook so it had to make it in :).

With only two photos and one journaling card, I had a lot of space left on my page. It kind of worked out, because I got these bright chipboard letters from Target a while back and haven’t been able to use them because they are so large and take up so much room (unless you have like a three letter title, I guess.) Because they’re chip board, they stick out from the page a bit and add some nice depth. Oh, and those neon colors are awesome. I liked the way “Birthday 26” looked more than “26 Birthday” so I figures why not and just went with it. My page was pretty bright and I wanted them to stand out a bit more, so I just traced around them with a thin black Sharpie. (Honestly, I wanted to go around them with a thick black Sharpie, but I was simply too lazy to get up at this point. Truth.)


Pink mat paper and background paper are by Me & My Big Ideas. Journaling tag by Colorbok. Green 8×8 paper from an old Target dollar section calendar, and Chipboard letters are Target brand. Small date stamp from Amazon. Stickers from an old Sticker A Day calendar.



Pink Birthday Card

My cousin Josh has a birthday coming up next month. Believe it or not, I’ve all ready ordered his present. I’m on top of it for once :).

Last year, in place of a card, I just wrote a note on the back of a picture of my dog, so I figured that this year he would need a proper card.

I used a bright pink paper from DCWV‘S The Glitter Stack, and folded it with my Martha Stewart Score board. I grabbed a strip of cloud paper from DCWV’S The Stack 5 that was in my scrap paper pile.

I added a few die cuts (including a birthday hat with Washi tape! I love Washi), and them some awesome Miss Elizabeth’s rub ons that actually came from the Dollar Store of all places!




We Just Got a Birthday Grill

I think that scrapbookers keep up with the hobby because they really like to remember certain things that happen in their life. I know that’s true for me. Sure, doing the actual scrapbooking is great fun, but I also like to have these cool memory books to look back on (which is why journaling is so important. Too bad I didn’t learn that in junior high).

Working on my 2012-2013 book, I’ve had a lot of pages that just have one or two or three photos. I think that living in a house for the first time and being married (for two years!) provides a lot of little funny things that are great to remember.

Just like when I made a page about getting a new washer and dryer, I wanted to remember getting our first grill. Being younger people that own a town home, we really don’t have extra money, so it’s not every day that we get something really nice.

My awesome parents got Tab and I a grill as a combined birthday gift. The photos I had from the event were just the grill in my truck, and where we placed it on our deck, but I had a lot to say. Luckily, only using two photos gave me plenty of room to journal. The story is what this page was really about anyway :).

The photos here are matted with paper from a book keeping/tax ledger. It’s actually one of my favorite things to use in my scrapbook. The lines are fantastic for journaling and I think it adds a little retro charm. The best part about this ledger in particular is that I got it for $.25 at a garage sale. Tab was like, “What’s that for?” Ha! I’m surprised he asked… Of course it’s for my scrapbook!

Background paper by American Crafts, mat an journaling paper from a tax ledger book. ‘Check it Out’ sticker by Lori Whitlock for Echo Park. Letter stickers by Colorbok, and rub ons were nabbed of Freecycle. Small date stamp from Amazon.

My apologies for the blurring, but y’know receipts have credit card information on them.





Soup for lunch

For my 26th Birthday back in June, I met two girlfriends for lunch in the city and a place called Soupbox (which serves, as you can guess, soup. And it’s delicious.) I snapped a a total of 4 iPhone photos while we were out to lunch because I knew I’d want to fit it into my scrapbook somewhere, even if it was only one page.

Like my Very Vera page, the photos were printed with a fee coupon code for a Walgreen’s 8×10″ collage print. Walgreen’s has done this about three times now, and I always take advantage of it. It’s too good of a deal to let it pass by, because the collages are normally $4.95. Walgreen’s allows one free print per email address, so each time, I’ve used both my & Tab’s Walgreen’s accounts. This way I’ve got six free collage prints! Whoop!

Anyway, since I only printed 4 images in the collage, I trimmed the extra .75″ off the right and left sides of the print.

I don’t mind printing out photos & trimming them myself, but the collages save a little bit of time, and the print quality is great. And it adds a little bit of variety to all the 4x6ness of the rest of my scrapbook.

The title is just stickers, but I outlined them with my skinny black Sharpie. Looking back, I probably should’ve used my brown Sharpie. Oh well, at least I got to use an “x” sticker. I seem to always have those left over ;-).


Paper & mat paper by American Crafts (the ‘Play’ set), title stickers by Sticko, tag by K & Company, little piece of vellum that I journaled on was from the bottom of my scrap paper bin (but purchased in the individual sheets section of JoAnn’s) , collage print by Walgreens. The big 1″ corner rounder used on the top is by Martha Stewart and the loopy edge punch is by Fiskars (and like 5 years old).

Throwback Thursday | Mang’s 16th Birthday

Throwback Thursdays are celebrated on Go Crafty with a scrapbook page made by Maddie back in junior high or high school. There is a large chance that they will all be very embarrassing (in both layout and content).

So I’ve been scrapbooking since junior high, which was quite a long time ago. I don’t know how many eight graders make a scrapbook, but I have enough embarrassing photos of my eighth grade ‘boyfriend’ and I to fill a whole scrap book. Really. And I did.

I scrapbooked through high school, and the made a handful of mini books and vacation themed books throughout college. Naturally, my college and beyond books are quite a bit more ‘advanced’ than the books from my younger days.

My ‘techniques’ or lack there of in the past weren’t exactly hip, but it’s pretty funny. Here is a page that I did ten years ago (oy, that makes me feel old) for my BFF, Mang’s, sixteenth birthday. Luckily, she’s still my best friend ;-).

The yellow paper is embossed; that gives me some points, right? And those tacky yellow shiny stars? I’m pretty sure they were left over decorations from the Homecoming dance. Seeing as this was my pre-Cricut day, the title was actually typed with Microsoft Word out and printed on ink jet paper. I mean, it doesn’t even look good.

Let’s not even talk about how much I mangled those photos with scissors.

Oh well? I’ve got them memories, right? 😉


My Very Vera Birthday

For my birthday, I was lucky enough to get a $75 gift card to Vera Bradley from my mother in law. It was awesome because I’m deep in love with Vera. (My favorite print is Happy Snails. I think it’s a 2011 or 2012 print, but I love everything about it!)

I had to scrapbook it because it was kind of amazing. We drove up to the Vera Bradley Outlet so I could get the most of my money, and the whole store was 30% off. Awesome, right? Yeah, well then my VB birthday coupon got me an additional 20% off everything I bought. I was ecstatic, and took a photo of my purchases to post on Facebook so that my mother in law could see how I made out like a bandit.

Yup, being that excited is totally scrapbook worthy.

I don’t do a lot of one photo layouts (and if I do, the photo is always printed bigger than 4×6) so it was an interesting challenge.

The Vera Bradley folder was the gift car holder and the blue flowered mat behind the photo is the back of a Vera advertisement. I got it in May and held onto it. I was glad I did because it worked perfectly here. (At least my hoarder tendencies are good or something sometimes!)

Sorry about the glare – still learning how to photograph for the blog :).



Paper by Me & My Big Ideas, lime green paper by WasauPapers, letter stickers by Miss Elizabeth’s, postcard is from Office Max (by Great Papers) and that doily in the background is from the ‘party’ section at the grocery store (the rest were actually used for a party, don’t ask.)