Moe3 at Michael’s

I don’t know if anyone has heard of the brand Moe3, but the Michael’s by my house was carrying their products in the discount bins at the front of the store (full disclosure, these bins use to be at the back, but our store recently remodeled. If you’re looking for this product, make sure to look all around).

Even better, the Moe3 products were all marked as 60% off. I held myself back from buying everything, but I did buy three packs of 24 sheets of 8×8″ paper for only $.80 each. It was pretty awesome.

And the paper is super cute! Everybody go buy some!






Washi Tape @ Michael’s

What a funny coincidence! Just like I popped in last Sunday
to tell you all there was Washi tape available at Target, I’m popping in this Sunday to tell you that Michael’s has a ton as well!

It seems like everyone might be wanting Washi as much as I do! This is great for me because, for the longest time, I could only find it online! I love that’s its in close by stores now!