Throwback Thursday | Fourth of July 2001

Throwback Thursdays are celebrated on Go Crafty with a scrapbook page made by Maddie back in junior high or high school. There is a large chance that they will all be very embarrassing (in both layout and content).

I’m assuming this is from 2001. Without, y’know, any journaling or labeling or anything it’s hard to tell, but there is a date in the bottom corner of the photo (remember when that was a thing?)…

Also, I’m pretty sure I haven’t felt the need to wear anything that says “hottie” on it since 8th grade. That makes it pretty easy to date it ;-).

Soooo yeah. No matting, no journaling, no rounded corners (?!); just three photos stuck on a page with what I’m assuming is crappy vintage rub-on letters because they’re all cracked now if you get real close. Also, ’cause I was all fancy back in the day, I outlined the photo with a black marker. Not bad. (Take that, Martha.)

Although, now that I’ve given it some thought, I could totally rock that visor around today, I think. Too bad I got rid of it a long time ago. Sad panda.