Scrap App Booking


Like most people nowadays, I have my iPhone on me at all times. It sits on my desk at work so I can listen to music, and it sits on the coffee table next to me at home so I can play Plants Vs Zombies 2 whenever the mood strikes (which I’m sure you can understand, is very often).

Nearly everyone in my social circle has their smartphone with them 24/7. Well, what does this mean for scrapbooking? I’m never disappointed that I’ve missed spontaneous-picture-worthy moments because I didn’t
have my camera with me. Now, I really never miss a moment, and, provided that I remember to upload the pictures off my iPhone, I have so many more quick glimpses of life to scrapbook.

Of course, with the crazy number of apps out there, you can bet that I’ve found some great ones that lend themselves to scrapbooking. Here are my favorites. (Links go to the location of the app in the Apple App Store.)


  • Everyone knows this one. Takes photos and puts them into an adorable square size and then adds filters to make them look cooler. That’s about it.



  • InstaPlace is awesome. I’m sure it was creates for sharing photos on Instagram (which I do use it for), but it is absolutely perfect for memory keeping. You open the app and it takes a photo like your normal phone camera, but it also provides a number of ‘skins’ that you can place on top of it. Your phone providers the location, and Instaplace lays it on top of your photo in an interesting way. Here’s two Instaplace-d photos from a trip to Washington at the beginning of the month.



Insta Weather IconInstaweather

  • Instaweather is made by the same people who created Instaplace (and if you have one app or the other, be prepared to see plenty of adds for the other one on the ‘what’s new’ section of your app), and essentially does the same thing, just with skins about weather. I’m one of those people who loves to remember the weather when we’re on a trip so this works great in my scrapbook. I typically like the skins that show both the weather and the place.


SmileBox Icon Smilebox

  • Smilebox let’s you upload your photos and place text on them, but it also includes a number of really cute frames and multiphoto templates. I don’t use it that often, but it also will upload your photos to a personal page online and you can send them to your fiends. Some of the frames are animated, which is neat.This image I sent as a picture message to someone who watched my dog for a weekend.



  • Over us just all right – I would like it a lot better if they didn’t want to charge you for a lot of the graphics, but otherwise it’s just okay. You open a photo in Over and can put their graphics on top of it. Some of the graphics are cool, but again, there aren’t many free ones. So, Over is all right, but it probably would get boring for long term use if you weren’t willing to spend money on more graphics. (According to the internet, the people that paid $.99 or $1.99 to upgrade super love it, so maybe the free version just isn’t cutting it for me).



  • Moldiv is an app that lets you collage photos into a multi-photo square layout. It’s great for Instagram, but not bad for scrapbooking either. There’s a ton of layouts and background colors/patterns to choose from.Here’s a christening gift that I ordered for a friend’s baby, and I wanted to send a photo to my mom so she could see it. You can see the pink striped background.


 And, lastly Pocketbooth

  • I believe that Pocketbooth is a $1.99 download, but when I got it, Crate&Barrel was giving away free downloads on their website (random, but awesome). It’s a photo booth app, that takes a series of photos in succession to create a photo strip. Cooler than that though, is that you can order you photo strip for $1.99 (if you’re in the US) and have it sent to your house. You can also have it sent to a friend, and include a note on the back. I have had a strip printed and sent to me before, and the quality is fantastic.Of course, you don’t have to pay to get them printed. You could just print out your photo strips on your home printer and then put them in your scrapbook. Saves a lot more time than having to open up Photoshop and create your own photo strip.


And those are all my favorite apps for iScrapbooking. Now, to get all those photos printed ;-).