Lace Hello Card

Hello card by RainyDayColors on Etsy

I pinned this card onto my Pinterest board from Etsy a long time ago. I’ve actually had it pinned for so long, that I had forgotten I pinned it. Ha! I pinned it last week and Pinterest was nice enough to tell me that I’ve all ready pinned it to that board. Man, Pinterest, you’re so classy.

I actually had the Martha punched used on that card so I thought I’d try my take on the card. I used paper from the DCWV Jewel colored mat stack. Saved me a few cuts. I cut the mat stack in half, figured that I could make two cards. I only made one today, but the rest of the paper is sitting on my table waiting for me to get back to it :).

I picked metallic light green & brown paper for the card base. The paper was all ready scored from wedding project leftovers (which was a long time ago!), and it’s a great cardstock that I ordered off online.

I used five strips of paper, but looking back at the pinned image I think I like the look of seven paper strips better.

I was going to put a cute sticker on the card in place of the “hello” on the pinned image, but then I realized that I didn’t want it attached to a certain holiday because I didn’t know when I’m going to send it (although cousin J’s birthday is next month). I used an old package of rub on letter that I nabbed off of Freecycle for the letters.







I decided to try seven strips of paper on my second card. I grabbed another piece of mat paper, this time from DCWV’S Brights mat stack. I used that yellow strip on the top and the bottom. I also tried another Martha punch I had.

Love how it turned out :).