Throwback Thursday | Backstreet Boys Concert

Throwback Thursdays are celebrated on Go Crafty with a scrapbook page made by Maddie back in junior high or high school. There is a large chance that they will all be very embarrassing (in both layout and content).

I know what you’re thinking; you don’t have to say it. But, seriously, I think I’ve been to four Backstreet Boys concerts in my lifetime. That’s what happens when you grow up in the 90s, I guess.

When I was younger, one of my friends got four Backstreet Boys tickets as her eight grade graduation gift, so I was one of those lucky enough to get to go along. That dates these pages to around 2001, which again, I would know if I had actually understood journaling at this point (although there is a ticket stub on the second page, so at least I can confirm the date.)

Was it a good idea to use a small wall size poster of the band as my paper? I have no idea, but I think that I wanted people to believe that the autographs printed on the poster were real.

And, lets not even talk about the fact that I thought it was a good idea to add word bubbles above my head that said things like, “Nick = Soul Mate” and “Nick ❤ me.”

Let’s just all be collectively happy that I am no longer a 13 year old girl.

No matting of photos here, and for goodness sake, the background paper/colors of the two pages do not even look related.

Oh well, I give myself points because I worked on these pages at a scrapbook store near my house, hence how I was able to die cut the title letters (out of what looks like tissue paper? Really, younger self? Really?). Oh the days before owning a Cricut. (More like the days before Cricut existed. Oy, now I feel old).

I feel like, having posted these pages, that I need to confess that I did go see backstreet boys when I was in college too, and that was like 2009. Whatever, I have no shame ;-).