A Summer Haircut for Pancakes

Obviously, Pancakes the Bichon needs regular haircuts to keep her looking adorable ;-). I always smile when I pick her up from the groomers because she can look so goofy with short hair. During the summer though, I’d rather her look goofy than feel hot so we have the groomer shave her pretty close to keep her cool and to give us the most time between haircuts.

I took one photo of her as soon as we got home, and she blinked, but it really looked like she was smiling (crazy dog person over her, obvs), so I fell in love with the photo. I snapped a few other photos and that became my page.

Without any more dog paper (although, I did buy some this past weekend after I did that page!), I looked for some ‘summer colored’ pages and settled with some I had nabbed from Target’s dollar bin.

I cut the title out, and pasted it on top of some scrap paper strips to make sure it was readable. I traced around them with a thin Sharpie as well.

I had some great journaling stickers in my stash (that I had accidentally forgot about. HA!), and they provided a great spot for journaling and for the date. Using a sticker for the date is different than my normal date stamp, so the change was neat. I have to keep that in mind for the future.

Remarks journaling stickers by American Crafts, two stickers by Me & My Big Ideas, background and mat paper from Target dollar bin. Title made with SCAL and my Cricut. Green strips of paper by Me & My Big Ideas.







Little Bichon, Big World

Obviously I’m obsessed with my dog. Her photo is on the main page of the site, I’m always talking about her, and her pictures pop up in blog posts again and again. (If you want to see more, check my Instagram feed in the side bar, she’s adorable).

So considering my obsession, it should not be a surprise that one day I decided to put Pancakes in my bicycle basket and ride around. I know, I know, it’s a great and an adorable idea.

I originally had no plans to scrap this, but I had the photos and I thought it would be fun to remember. I find that more & more I take photos without a purpose (thank you, iPhone), but it’s nice to have them and then have the option to scrap late if I want.

Naturally, I chose paper with hearts all over it because I love my dog and she’s adorable. Cheesy, but I love it. Since the two photos didn’t take up the whole page, I cut out a big bicycle to fill the space.

Although, I was going to do “Bichon and Bike” for a title, I just decided I was going to stick with the cutesy theme and make it even more cute. What’s cuter than “Little Bichon, Big World”? I know, I’m impossible ;-). Oh how I love my little dog!

Heart paper by American Crafts (Everyday set), and brown and green paper by s.e.i. (Addison set), date stamp from Amazon, journaling transparency from Oriental Trading, sticker by Lori Whitlock for Echo Park. Title created with SCAL and my Cricut.




Doggy Egg Hunt

It’s pretty obvious that I’m obsessed with Pancakes, my little Bichon. If the pictures of her scrapbooking with me aren’t enough, go look at my Instagram Feed. Yup. Bone-ified obsessed. (See what I did there? Bone? Like dog bone. Hilarious).

So, with my obsession out in the open, it should come of no surprise that when the was a dog Easter egg hunt in my area, I was there with bells on.

At an event such as this, it would’ve been impossible not to take pictures. I mean, the Easter bunny was there (although, according to the director it was actually some poor high school kid getting community service. Ha!)

I don’t think Easter is a big holiday in the scrapbook world, because I didn’t really have anything Easter themed in my stash. Luckily, I found some egg stickers so I could show te holiday a little bit.

I chose a light pink paper because pink seems like an Easter color, and use two different pieces of vellum to bring some more color on top of that. I matted the photos with polka dot paper because polka dots kind of reminded me of eggs :).

Journaling was done on a piece of vellum and then placed on top of another pink piece of paper. I did this because the vellum had gold paint splatters and I was trying to bring in as much color as possible.

And, if you notice my computer, I’m still working on getting caught up on Project Runway. Only a couple more episodes to go!

Pink polka dot paper by Me & My Big Ideas (summer Mambi Sheets), stickers from an old Sticker-a-Day calendar, black letters by American Crafts, pink background paper by Colorbok, sheets of vellum from Michaels, green letters at mat paper from Target, journaling done with a thin Sharpie.









Legally Blonde

Not the best looking page here, but I was on a time crunch so I tried to get it done quickly. I should’ve done a white outline behind the pink title to make it easier to read. Although, it is easier to see in person because you don’t catch the glare off of the metallic paper ;).

This one is pretty straight forward. The journaling was done on a square transparency with a thin black Sharpie (still haven’t found any other pen that writes on transparencies without smudging). I took a black tag and put a square of matching paper on it, before putting the transparency over both. Here’s a photo before the journaling was done.


I don’t normally round the corners of my 12×12″ paper (though I round the corners of everything else), but one of the corners was ripped so that was the perfect way to hide it.

Letters from SimplySweet Cricut cartridge, cut out of Recollections card stock . Background paper from DCWV’S Rock Star Stack (which I think I’ve had for like six years? I guess I don’t have a very big rock star life style). The pink lace paper is an individual sheet purchases from Michael’s, and the black tag is from Colorb√∂k’s Tag Pad 2. I believe the transparency was from a larger set of them from Michael’s. Date stamp on the top of the program is from Amazon.20130818-145350.jpg

And while I was finishing this page up? Pancakes managed to worm her way onto my lap. Sneaky little dog.


Trimming Her Nails

What? You don’t think a dog getting her nails trimmed isn’t scrap worthy? It probably isn’t, but as you soon will learn, I have an unhealthy obsession with the little dog Pancakes.

My bichon hates getting her nails trimmed, or at least I always thought she did. Normally it takes an extra groomer to hold her down, but for some reason this time she just wagged her tail and smiled at me. (Yes, I’m aware that I just said my dog smiled at me. I told you it was an unhealthy obsession). I was so pleasantly surprised by her reaction that I had to snap a picture (which therefore meant it would be scrapbooked in the future.)

I don’t do a lot of pages with only one photo, so I really had to figure out what to do with the space (hence the double mats).

I can’t actually tell you what the paper is because I got it from a garage sale. It’s super cute though. I took a photo of it before I put the title down so you could see the little bone paper. Everybody needs dog themed paper!

The green plaid is from DCWV’S The Christmas Stack from a few years back. I’m sneaking that Christmas paper into any layout I can…Because, honestly who needs 180 sheets of Holiday paper? Yeah, not me. I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought it, but I doubt that I’ll ever be scrapbooking eight thousand Decembers. The ‘happy’ journaling card was a free download from Citrus & Mint’s Color My Spring Set, and I typed the journaling before I printed it on card stock and rounded the corners. Parchment paper for the title was from the local office store, and I cut the title with SCAL and my Cricut. I also cut out the bones from the same paper.


See how I mentioned my obsession with my Pancakes, the world’s cutest Bichon? Well, she also makes the world’s best scrapbook buddy. I moved an extra IKEA chair next to the one I sit in, so she can sit next to me while I scrapbook (if she’s not gnawing on the million bones all around the basement). Here she is while I was working on this page.