Giant Fork

On our trip to Branson for spring break 2013, we stopped in Springfield. I read online that it was the home of the world’s biggest fork. I love those goofy tourist things so we had to make a pit stop.

Besides being a giant fork, that wasn’t really anything else going on, so we posed for photos and went back on our way.

I wanted to make the title feel giant because the fork was so big, but I still had a lot of space left on the page so I cut a big fork out with my Cricut.

The background paper for this spread was really great because it had a cool kind of iridescent shine to it.

Background & mat paper by s.e.i., cut outs created with SCAL and my Cricut, journaling on a free download card.







Grand Oaks

For our Branson trip, I only took two photos of our hotel room. Normally, I take a lot more photos of where we stay (because I’m a scrapbooker, of course!), but there wasn’t a whole lot to our room. The best part was the giant tub so I made sure to get a picture of that.

Having only two photos worked out, because I paired it with a lot of journaling. I journaled about the hotel room and about the trip package we had. I doubled matted the journaling card with paper that matched the background paper.

I used silver stickers to make the title, but I thought it didn’t stand out enough. I tried around the letters with a black Sharpie pen to fix that.

Background paper and green mat paper from DCWV’S The Stack 5, yellow mat paper by Me & My Big Ideas, letter stickers from Michael’s.



Pickles Deli

When we started our road trip to Missouri, we knew we would want to stop somewhere in the middle-ish for lunch. We ended up turning off into St Louis, and thanks to my iPhone, I knew we were close to a bunch of little places to eat. Since people online seemed to like it, we grabbed lunch at a little deli named Pickles.

Since I only had one photo at Pickles, I was happy that I nabbed everything else I could. I got their menu, post card and business card. I matched the green and yellow of these pieces by letting the green stand out and using a bright yellow background page that had a ledger pattern on it. I didn’t mat the extra pieces, which is unusual for me, but I really like the background paper and wanted to show a lot of it so it made sense.

And it’s clear from the photo that Tab was enjoying his sandwich, so I would say that Pickles was a winner.

Paper by DoubleDot for BoBunny (12″ Buttercup Journal), date stamp from Amazon, letter stickers by Doodlebug Design Inc, tag by Martha, and mat paper by WasauPaper.


Starting my Branson Book

So throwback Thursday is on hold today because I’m so excited to share my new project.

And don’t worry, there will be old and embarrassing scrapbook pages page on their regular day next week. Always something to look forward to, right?

So, as I’ve been sharing pages from my 2012-2013 scrapbooks, I was planning to continue to do so, but now I’m making this section into its own book.

Back in March, for ‘spring break’, Tab and I took a trip to Branson, Missouri.
Branson is a kind of funny little town, but there’s plenty to do there (including going to their little scrapbook store. Holla!). We only stayed for four nights, but did a variety of different things so I have a small stack of photos to work with.

Seeing as this is going to be a shorter book (40 pages? But that’s just a guess), it could probably fit into my 2013 book. Since it was its own little special trip, though, I wanted to give it a book of its own.

My title page is on paper I bought at the Brason scrapbook store. I bought about five or six sheets of Missouri paper because I have no self control and can’t hold myself back ;-). The Branson sticker in the top right corner was actually from a co worker. She had visited Branson recently and brought them back for me, which was super nice of her (and convenient because I didn’t buy any of my own).

Title pages are always exciting, because it means starting a new scrapbook! I like to keep them simple because usually the rest of the books get pretty busy. I cut the title out with SCAL and my Cricut and added a date stamp in the top left corner after I had photographed the page because I love dating things (that’s things, not people FYI).