New Washer

Although we bought our new washer and dryer back in January, I’m just getting around to scrapbooking it now.

Of course, you might be wondering what I’m doing hugging a washing machine, but I’m pretty sure that everyone hugs their new appliances. Really, Tab and I were super excited about our new purchase. After living in our town home for a year and a half (and buying used furniture), we were finally able to buy something new. It was a big moment for us (not to mention the biggest purchase we’ve ever made outside of our house and car). I wasn’t thinking about my scrapbook at the time; all I knew was that I needed to post a photo of my new washer on Facebook.

And, y’know, hugging it just seemed right.

It was such an exciting purchase (and we’re still enjoying it!), and such a fun moment that I definitely want to remember it. . .So into the scrapbook it goes!

I cut the title out with SCAL and my Cricut. The title was about 4 inches wide, so you can imagine how teeny tiny the counters in the letters were. Gluing done those insides of the ‘B’ were especially tough. I need to get some of those scrapbooking tweezers I’ve seen around.


Originally, the title was going to be pasted right on top of the mambi background paper, but it was hard to read, so I put a scrap of paper (from the same mambi stack) behind it. The title was cut out of the same green plaid paper that I used here.

Background paper by Me & My Big Ideas (mambi sheets, summer themed stack). Blue Chevron paper by Recollections.





Oh, and who was keeping me company while I worked on this page? Heidi Klum! I started watching those whole last season of Project Runway and it is amazing! Team Ven! Just kidding. Ven is the worst!