Wishlist Fridays | Etsy Scrapbooking Flair

Fridays on Go Crafty alternate between Pinspiration Fridays and Wishlist Fridays. Wishlist Fridays showcase some scrapbook or crafty products that I’m currently coveting. If you want to buy them for me, I wouldn’t be opposed. I’ll try to keep it craft related, but I love food so food could always make an appearance.

I didn’t even know what ‘flair’ was until recently. I don’t know if it’s been around for a while, but I’ve been seeing it pop up all love Project Life spreads. I don’t think it’s PL specific as it’s not actually sold as a PL product, but it’s been appearing in all the PL spreads I’ve been seeing online lately. I always thought flair was the same as pin (thank you, Office Space), but it seems like flair is the official name. A bunch of the sellers give you an option for a pin on the back of the flair or a flat back. Obviously the flat back would be the best for paper projects :-D. I would love to get my hands on some flair and use it to embellish my own scrapbook pages.

Here’s some flair I’ve found on etsy that looks just great. (Images link to site)

I heart my state flair from Aflairforbuttons on Etsy

I’ll take this set in the state of Illinois, please!

Take a Picture 2 Flair from AFlairforButtons on Etsy

Days of the Week Flair from APieceofCakeDesigns on Etsy

Words to live by i Flair by AFlairforbuttons on Etsy

Krafty 2 by AFlairforbuttons on etsy

Hello Week Flair by LifeinBitsandPieces on Etsy

Talk Bubble Flair by PandaEightDesigns on Etsy

Scrapbooker 1 Flair by Aflairforbuttons on etsy

I think this is a really cool trend. I’d love to jump on board :-D.


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