Throwback Thursday | Christmas Party

Throwback Thursdays are celebrated on Go Crafty with a scrapbook page made by Maddie back in junior high or high school. There is a large chance that they will all be very embarrassing (in both layout and content).

How important is readability when it come to page titles? Oh, not very important? Well, that’s good because you can barely read it here!

Luckily, the WordArt software I had (and loved) back in High school added some Christmas trees behind the letters. That’s got to be good, right? And that thin cheap, ink-jet paper its printed on? Also good.

I will say one thing, though. I really love the paper from the first page in the spread. It’s nice to see a holiday paper without the traditional fire-engine-red and kelly-green colors. These are much better.

And, I’m giving myself some points for the second page’s colors matching the first. That i not something I did back in the day (although it’s really too bad I didn’t). Again, no journaling or dates. Still wish I could change that.



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