Sewing Projects

I’ve always wanted to learn how to sew. I inherited my grandma’s sewing machine and it has just been sitting in my basement for two years waiting for me to learn. Since I’m not there yet, I head over to my mom’s house when I need sewing help.

My mom helped me make a cushion and some curtains. I snapped some photos of the process with my phone (thank goodness for iPhones) and hadn’t done anything with them. So, then I had them printed out when Shutterfly had a 101 free prints sale.

I decided to scrapbook the photos on the same spread, instead of making two separate pages for essentially the same thing. I just made sure to give each page it’s own date stamp and journaling block so that each had their own story.

And, because it was a ‘mom’ themed page, I had to include some quotes from my ‘Mom to Go’ box. K&Company sold these years ago, but mine is still nearly fully, because, lets be honest, who needs hundreds of quotes of things your mom says to you.

(And, yes, my mom bought it for me as a gift because she thought it was funny).

Just like I’ve done before, my journaling is done on a type of business/ledger paper. It’s great for journaling with all those built in lines! This paper is thin though, and it causes my thin pink Sharpie to bleed a bit. It’s wasn’t enough to bother me, but make sure you put something under it when writing so that you don’t get pen/marker on your table.

I used the same pink Sharpie to outline the inside of my title letters (while Pancakes the Bichon watched.)

Paper by Me and My Big ideas. Chipboard from Michaels. Journaling done on ledger paper, tags from K&Company‘s Mom to Go, title cut with SCAL and my Cricut.









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