Wishlist Fridays | Gossamer Blue

Fridays on Go Crafty alternate between Pinspiration Fridays and Wishlist Fridays. Wishlist Fridays showcase some scrapbook or crafty products that I’m currently coveting. If you want to buy them for me, I wouldn’t be opposed. I’ll try to keep it craft related, but I love food so food could always make an appearance.

I only recently heard about the scrapbook company Gossamer Blue (recently as in like, a few days ago, but I’m all ready in love). I was reading a blog about a scrapbook layout, and the blogger had used a Gossamer Blue product and linked up to it. I followed the link and was pleasantly surprised! Tons of cute stuff!

As someone who buys nearly all her scrapbook stuff from Michael’s & Joanns (and Archiver’s when it was still around), I pretty much know all of the products in the store. Sure, I’ve looked at it all a million times, and there’s a bunch of stuff I’d like to have, but it’s really exciting to see new products I haven’t seen before! (And I also really love the colors Gossamer Blue uses in their products as well! I’m thinking about asking for a kit for Christmas!)

I don’t know much about the company, but it seems like they sell scrapbook kits that are themed. It looks like there’s one kit a month, and they seem to sell out fairly quickly.

If anyone else is interested in checking out Gossamer Blue, their website is http://www.gossamerblue.com/. (FYI – There blog is a great source of inspiration! I’ve added it to my feedly and am loving it. The blog is here if you’re interested.)

Although most are sold out, I still think they’re adorable and am excited to share the images! Here are some adorable Gossamer Blue products that I would love to have. (Images link to product page site)

September Life Pages Kit by Gossamer Blue

The color scheme of this one is amazing!!

October Life Pages Kit by Gossamer Blue

June Main Kit by Goassamer Blue

May Main Kit by Gossamer Blue

If you’re wondering what can be made with Gossamer Blue products, they have a great gallery on their site. Here’s a great layout from there.

Layout from Gossamer Blue Gallery by user Anabelle OMalley

So, yeah, lots of great products! I haven’t done much scrapbook shopping online outside of ol’ reliable Amazon, but I’m thinking I might have to start. I’m sure there’s got to be plenty of other small cute shops like Gossamer Blue. I’m going to be on the hunt for them . . . And I’m sure I see lots more Wishlist Fridays in the future! Get Ready!


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