Throwback Thursday | Bowling

Throwback Thursdays are celebrated on Go Crafty with a scrapbook page made by Maddie back in junior high or high school. There is a large chance that they will all be very embarrassing (in both layout and content).

Let’s all ignore for a moment, the fact that these two pages don’t remotely match on have the same papers even thought they go together. Oh, also ignore the fact that I felt the need to include a nice 4×6″ photo of the side of my face. I’m so classy. This is another one from High School and judging by the photos & what I’m wearing, I’m going to say that it’s probably sophomore year.

I think this title was made in some WordArt program before I printed it out on thin inkjet paper, and that second page is definitely on Valentine’s day paper. At least I like the paper :-D.

I’ve cut all the images up in weird shapes on the second page. I’m not sure why, but I must’ve thought that was pretty cool because it looks like I’ve done it a lot when I flip through my old books. Memory keeping works real well when you can’t see all the photo (haha).

And again, no dates or journaling. If only I could go back in time 😉



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