Wishlist Fridays | Mambi Pocket Pages

Fridays on Go Crafty alternate between Pinspiration Fridays and Wishlist Fridays. Wishlist Fridays showcase some scrapbook or crafty products that I’m currently coveting. If you want to buy them for me, I wouldn’t be opposed. I’ll try to keep it craft related, but I love food so food could always make an appearance.

I was at my local Micheal’s this past weekend and I was walking around, trying to get a good look at everything. The store recently remodeled the inside so everything isn’t quite where it used to be. I’m assuming this is because of what seems like a huge influx of new products, and having to find a place for them. With pocket scrapbooking/pocket pages/project life taking off in a big way, there are so many new things available. The new Mambi Pocket Pages section stood out like crazy, and it was full of all new things I need. I’ll just have to wait and see if they pop up on Amazon,and then I can add them to my actual wishlist. Ha!

Here’s some Mambi pocket page products that I’m currently crossing my fingers for! (Images link to product page on Me & My Big Ideas Website)

Mambi Specialty Cards – You Are Awesome

Those ones kill me because they’re all covered in glitter and foil. The foil is my favorite part. If you click on the link, you can see the “You are Awesome” card nice and big and it looks shiny and amazing!

Mambi Story of Me Themed Cards

Mambi Travel Themed Cards

Mambi Specialty Cards – Fabulous

Mambi Journaling Themed Cards

Oh man. Is it awful that I want them all?! Like those journaling cards – you know how much I love journaling.  And especially the two specialty sets with the foil. I just love the shine and the brightness. This probably isn’t good for my bank account.

Oh, and did I mention I want these stickers to go with those cards? ‘Cause I do! I don’t think I’ve ever had white stickers before.

Mambi White Clear Stickers


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