Throwback Thursday | Last Day of School

Throwback Thursdays are celebrated on Go Crafty with a scrapbook page made by Maddie back in junior high or high school. There is a large chance that they will all be very embarrassing (in both layout and content).

Wow, so apparently mangling up some sticker paper with scissors and cutting out some very small wonky letters passes for a page title, or at least I thought it did.

These pages are from my last day of junior high, the last day of 8th grade specifically. I know, right? What 12 year old girl scrapbooks? What can I say, I guess I couldn’t help myself.

So a Ziggy sticker, and 8.5×11″ paper that looks like a locker… That’s cool right? And shiny stickers of school supplies; who knew that was even a thing. Why on earth did I use paper that had cursive letters and dotted lines on it. I mean, c’mon, this wasn’t elementary school, I knew how to do cursive.

But apparently I still didn’t know how to journal ;-).

Clearly my photography skills were pretty awesome here; I mean, one photo actually has a big piece of my finger in it, and two others are completely discolored (and yet, I’ve still included them.)





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