Baby Abby

Back in February, my good friend had a little baby girl. Tab and I visited the new baby at the hospital, as well as at her home about two weeks later.

Of course, I had to snap iPhone photos of the new baby. But, when it came to scrapbooking, what could I do? Seeing as this is the first baby-friend I have, I didn’t have anything ‘baby’ themed in my scrapbook stash. Luckily, The Stack 5 had some baby boy & baby girl themed paper that I’d never used. I also picked up some baby hand and foot print stickers because I got them on super sale.

I didn’t do anything too fancy here, just matted the photos and adhered them to the page. I also included the birth announcement (and had to take it off my fridge where it’s been for a few months) and the visitor’s badge I received when I visited the hospital.

Seeing as we visited the baby a couple of weeks later at her home, and I included it in that block of journaling, I wanted to keep all of the photos together. I added a third page to my layout with the same background paper as the first two. I just used my date stamp so I’d be able to remember when the photos were taken.



I mated the photos on yellow paper from a mat stack that had a few different patterns. My favorite was the one with yellow flowers. I liked the ‘water colory’ look of it. I used it for a photo of me holding the baby akwardly adorably.


I typically like to do big titles (usually cut out with my Cricut), but here I used smaller letter stickers. I had covered up so much of the paper with all the photos, and the larger-than-normals mats, so I wanted to leave some of the paper showing through (so all the baby words could be seen). The gold letters worked perfectly for this.



Background paper from DCWV‘S The Stack 5, hand and feet stickers and gold letter stickers from Stickopotamus (which has no website?), yellow mat paper from Generation’s Stackers (the Pastel Color Collection) (no website but purchased from OfficeMax), journaling typed out in free download paper, green mat paper from Paper Pizazz about ten years ago. “Baby” card from a Miss Elizabeth‘s card stack that I can’t remember when I bought. I feel like its been sitting around here for a while, because the only cards left in the box are words I would never need (good thing I finally have a friend with a baby! Now I can use all those kid words).





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