A Penguin Easel

My mom is a middle school teacher, and because of that (and the fact that I own a Cricut?), I’m always getting pulled in to help with her school projects.

Luckily, this was about the easiest project in the whole world; it just needed an extra set of hands.

Mom found this easel at a garage sale for a steal. One side holds a giant notepad, but the other side was perfect for holding her dry erase board.

Despite being super functional, it wasn’t very pretty (because that’s obviously what counts with school supplies. Ha). We were trying to figure out how we could spruce it up a bit, when mom remembered that she had picked up some penguin duct tape from the grocery store. She had all ready used it for one project, but had nothing else planned for the rest of the roll which worked for me!



We covered the sides and tray with a few long pieces of tape. I ended the bottom of the feet with two pieces of yellow duct tape because 1) mom had yellow tape and I wanted to use it and 2) that whole ‘dipped’ and painter feet on furniture look is all the Pinterest rage right now and I thought it’d be funny to give a little nod in that direction.




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