Wishlist Fridays | Washi Wishlist

Fridays on Go Crafty alternate between Pinspiration Fridays and Wishlist Fridays. Wishlist Fridays showcase some scrapbook or crafty products that I’m currently coveting. If you want to buy them for me, I wouldn’t be opposed. I’ll try to keep it craft related, but I love food so food could always make an appearance.

Everybody and their brother is on the Washi tape train, and I am hopping on the bandwagon like nothing else. I have about six different roles of Washi tape, but four of them are all different black and white prints. I would love to add some bright colored & patterned Washi to my stash (and am actually putting a bunch on my Amazon wishlist because it’s never to early to think Christmas time)!

Here’s some Washi tapes that I’m totally crushing on!
(Images link to site)

Rainbow Polkadot Washi from PeakBloom on Etsy

Oh man, rainbow and polka dots?! I’m dying. This is so cute, and I have soooo many sheets of paper that would match this!

Vintage Floral Washi from HDSupplies on Etsy

Colored Polka Dot Washi from PrettyTape on Etsy

Quilted Washi on Wishy Washi

Colorful Pattern Washi Tape on Wishy Washi

Floral Embroidery Tape on Cute Tape

Color Drop Dots Tape on Cute Tape

Charming Charlestown Tape on Downtown Tape

Ughhhh OMG, you guys! I want them all SOOOO bad!!!


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