Biking in Chicago

Tab and I participated in the 2013 Bike the Drive event in Chicago. It happens annually, but this was our first time and it was awesome.

I included the numbers that were stuck on our shirts, our wristbands, the official race guide, and a small cut out that showed us where to wear our numbers.

My favorite thing to do when scrapping brochures, which you can see here with the race guide, is to only adhere the back panel. This way, when I go back to the pages in three weeks three years, I’ll remember what I was talking about. You can take the page out of its sheet protector and unfold the guide to read all about the event.

The two photos on the right were printed by Shutterfly, but the 8×10 collage on the left was printed by Walgreens. They had a coupon code on their site for a free collage print (normally $4.95, I believe), so I decided to give it a try. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the quality and the crispness of the photos. It saved me a lot of time because I didn’t have to mat all those photos! The only thing I’d change if I could, was that I wish Walgreens gave you the option to round corners. I love rounded corners, but I didn’t round the corners of the collage print because I thought it’d look strange with the straight corners of the photos.





Paper is from my favorite Me & My Big Ideas stack that I got as a gift twice. Yup, two of the same one. I didn’t exchange it for a different one because I love the paper so much. That little ‘incredible’ chipboard was from a set from Michael’s about a million years ago. Purple mats are from the DCWV Jewel Tones mat stack, green paper is WausauPaper card stock. Journaling was typed onto a card I made on the computer, and the small date stamp under that is from Amazon (which Tab just got for me so I’m in love. You’ll see it stamped on a lot of pages lately. It reminds me of old library books!)


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