My Craft Room

As I mentioned before, I tried home blogging but it didn’t work out because I didn’t have enough house projects to make a blog. I did set up a craft room in my basement though, and share it. I figured I should share it here because this is my craft blog! Ignore the labels on the photos, the address doesn’t match this blog :).

One day, I’d like to have a room like the amazing Pinterest craft rooms, but for now the goal was using things we all ready read had, like shelves and bins. In fact, the only purchase we made was the black table from IKEA.

Craft Room inspiration found here on Pinterest

Before they stopped print int, one issue of Scrapbooks, Etc. had some good advice about setting up your crafting space, and I totally agree with them. On page 44, the magazine advises to, “Use what you have. . . Getting organized doesn’t mean your room has to be picture-perfect. Before running out to purchase coordinating baskets, bins, and containers, look at what you may already have and think of clever ways to repurpose them.”

This statement is totally true in my space! I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so those black wire cubes you see in the corner? They were in storage, left over from my college dorm days. Also left over from college? The white shelf you see on the right. It’s actually like a 6 foot tall shelf, but rather than screw the legs together to use it at full height, I created two shelves out of it.


I set up my craftbook room in the basement, and I work at the table in the center, that way, it’s easy to walk around and get to anything I need. (Don’t judge the messiness of the table here – I’m in the middle of a page!)


Although it looks kind of messy, every thing really is in a place of it’s own, and that makes it really easy to find anything I need, be it 4”x6” paper, stamp pads, or paper cutters!




All the plastic bins you see below? They’re actually just plastic shoe bins (you can find them at Target or anywhere) that my mom, a school teacher, had left over from one of her classes. I used chipboard coasters I all ready had, wrote the names on them, and just taped ‘em on to the bins. It’s also obvious that the too large boxes on the bottom shelf (one for stickers and the other for alphabet stickers) are just large actual shoe boxes. Hey, whatever gets the job done!



I wish more things in my life felt as put together as my craft space ;-) . I really set it up with organization in mind so my scatterbrained self could be productive.

Honestly, though, I love it, and it’s really made a difference in my scrapbooking. I feel like I used to spend a loooong time looking for a certain punch or something, and know I finally know where they are . . . now, all I have to do is finish scrapbooking 2012!



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